Here is why your kids need to wear merino

The mention of wool and children in the same sentence brings out the memories of the childhood song, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and for good reason. Not only is the song catchy but wool also makes the b3est children clothing in the entire world.

A wholly natural fiber from the merino sheep of New Zealand, Merino wools offer quite some beneficial properties, especially in making children’s clothing items. Some of the upsides of having your kids donning clothes made from the most superior natural fiber in the world include style and comfort. Here are some more benefits to help you make the right choice in children clothing.


Warm and comfortable

Merino wool baby clothes ensure that you little bundle of joy is comfortable and warm at all times, regardless of the weather. The wool insulates the child from cold by retaining body heat. More to that it allows the baby’s skin to breathe naturally and in so doing discourages sweating which is not a very welcome occurrence in newborn infants. Babies do not regulate their body heat very well and tend to overheat in synthetic fibers. With woolen garment, you child is comfortable at all times and in all seasons.

It is absorbent

Unlike other fabrics, merino wool can absorb moisture up to three times its weight, which increases the level of comfort of the child wearing it. By drawing moisture away from the skin, woolen clothes prevent the child from feeling damp, soggy and clammy.

Flame resistant

A great plus for merino wool is the ability to resist flames, unlike the synthetic flames that goo ablaze in an instant. Since they do not burn, woolen clothes increase the safety of you children and prevent them from acquiring gruesome injuries and the accompanying pain.

Tough and comfortable to wear

Merino wool baby clothes are robust, easy to maintain, not to mention fully machine washable. The more you wash woolen garments, the more the warmth they retain, as such make sure to use detergents that are suitable for woolen material, preferably those that do not contain enzymes. For best results refer to the care label on each garment and increase the longevity of these durable clothing items.

No prickly

Although the earlier version of woolen clothes came off as scratchy and prickly to wear, modern day merino wool offers nothing but comfort and style. The fibers are fine and soft to touch to ensure that a child does not experience any discomfort or allergic reactions.

Stain resistant

Children are all well known for their high affinity for dirt and all things that promise to leave ghastly stains on their clothes. However, with woolen clothes staining no longer presents a significant problem since they have the unique ability to repel dirt. The wool boasts natural properties that resist stain, unlike the other fabrics.

Hence, it requires less frequent washes, which reduces the amount of work you have to do as a mother. In essence, wool is a mother’s best friend as it allows your children to step out in style and comfort without taxing your efforts.